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The software products share certain pieces of functionality, however please note that not all features and functionality described in this Software User Guide are included in all products. Throughout this help there are many images used as examples to describe a particular feature or function of the software which have been taken from our flagship product Integrated Investor. Please note that your software may not contain all of the functionality shown in these screen shots.


Standard Components and Features Sets

Note that the Integrated Investor and the Profitsource start-up logos pictured above include additional feature set icons. They represent the ProfitSource, OptionGear, ValueGain, Futures/FX and the Safety in the Market feature sets.  The ProfitSource, OptionGear, ValueGain and Futures/FX  features are integral components of the Integrated Investor platform and are included by default. The additional features on ProfitSource may be purchased separately.

Tools for each feature set can be individual work pages, for example the Option Analysis page of the OptionGear feature set, or they may be a specialized capability added to a common tool, for example the Elliott Wave Scan Results in the Pre-computed Scans List are an important part of the ProfitSource feature set.

All software functionality for the standard Hubb Software products, as well as all the additional tools and work pages associated modules, are explained and detailed in this Help.

For more information on the features sets, see below.

Additional Modules

Modules are additional software packages that add extra functionality to Integrated Investor and ProfitSource. If you have not purchased additional modules, the icons will not appear on your start-up logo and this Help will include information on those modules that does not apply to you.

sitmicon34.gifCurrently the Safety in the Market Module is available for inclusion in Integrated Investor and ProfitSource. When the Module is purchased and installed, the SITM logo icon will also appear in the start-up logo.

All functionality in the Safety in the Market Module is fully documented in this Help. Topics relating to module components will display the SITM logo in their headers have light yellow backgrounds. 

See the Integrated Investor Modules explanation, below, for more information.

Your Software Help Areas

Common Components

The following components and processes are common to all work pages and the general operation of Integrated Investor:

ProfitSource Features Set

The ProfitSource features set contains the following components:

OptionGear Features Set

The following help topics apply exclusively to the option trading facilities included in the OptionGear features set:

ValueGain Features Set

The following help topics apply exclusively to the screens and tools provided by the ValueGain features set:

Futures/FX Features Set

The following help topics apply exclusively to the features included in the Futures/FX features set:

Module Specific Help Areas

Note that many of the module's components supplement existing Integrated Investor components. For example Safety in the Market indicators and Hi-Lites are included with all Indicators and Hi-Lites in the general Price Charts section of this help.

In these cases, each help topic for the individual module's component will be identified by its background color and icon.

Safety in the Market Module

sitmicon34.gifIntegrated Investor's Safety in the Market module contains various Gann Tool functionality and other features that support ABC trading techniques.

Most of these functions and tools integrate into existing Integrated Investor functionality when the Module is installed, and the work pages function exactly the same as previously, except that they have the additional functionality included in the module.

An example is the Time Swing chart type. When the Safety in the Market module is installed, the price chart work page will then have the option of displaying price charts in swing chart format, all other functionality of the work page will remain the same.

Another example are the ABC pre-computed scans that are available from the Integrated Investor Start Page when the Safety in the Market module is installed.

The following help topics apply exclusively to the features included in the Safety in the Market module:

For clients with the Master Forecasting Course SITM module upgrade, the Square of Nine Calculator is also available.

Note - Additional Integrated Investor Modules will be developed and become available in the future.