Installation Sequence

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Once you have confirmed your system meets the Minimum System Requirements, you may proceed with the installation of your HUBB product.

Important for Mac Users

Please use the Installing your HUBB software on a Mac guide.

This guide is designed to aid you in downloading, installing and registering your HUBB software product.


To start the process you will need to download the latest HUBB Install file from the My Software page on the HUBB website.

Your username is your email address and if you do not know your password you may click on the Tell me my password link to have it emailed to you.

Select the Setup option to install on a new computer or the Upgrade button to upgrade a previously installed instance. For more information see the Setup Vs Upgrade topic.


You will then be presented with window such as the below prompting you to Run, Save or cancel the download. Please select the option to Save and save the file to your desktop.


ii_install1.jpgContains recommendations that users exit all other Windows programs before installing.

It also contains copyright and other warnings.

Click Next to proceed to the next stage of the installation.


Software License Agreement

ii_install2.jpgThe entire Software License Agreement is contained in the scrollable window.

Scroll through and read the entire agreement.

If you accept its terms, click Accept to proceed to the next stage of the installation.

Choose Destination Location

ii_install3.jpgUsers are given the option to choose a location for their Software program files.

Normally software of this type is installed in the Program Files folder of the C:\ drive. This is the default and is the recommended location.

Click Next to proceed to the next stage of the installation.

Select Program Manager Group

ii_install4.jpgEnter a program group for the icons to be assigned to.

Click Next to proceed to the next stage of the installation.

Start Installation

ii_install5.jpgYou are now ready to begin the installation onto your PC.

You may return to previous screens to alter any information prior to final installation by clicking the Back button.

Click Next to begin the installation of Your SOFTWARE on your PC.


ii_install6.jpgThe progress of the installation will be indicated by bar graphs on the screen.

While the installation is occurring the Next button will be disabled.

When the installation is complete the Next button will become activated.

Click Next to proceed to the final stage of the installation.

Installation Complete

ii_install7.jpgThis screen confirms that Your SOFTWARE has been successfully installed on your PC.


Click Run to start Integrated Investor. (recommended).

The Startup Wizard will then take you through the  registration sequence.

Alternatively, you can click Finish to close the installation dialog box, and then run Your SOFTWARE registration sequence at a later date.

Initial Start of Your SOFTWARE

Your SOFTWARE application is now successfully installed on your machine. Your SOFTWARE can now be started and run on your machine, however the software will not function properly until you have registered it with the HUBB server and established your internet connection with the data server.

Whether you start Your SOFTWARE immediately after installation by clicking the Run button, or close the installation and later start Your SOFTWARE by clicking on its icon, in either case, when you run Your SOFTWARE for the first time, the Startup Wizard will guide you through all of the registration and activation steps.

Go to the Installation and Registration's Start Up Wizard help topic for more information.

What's Next

You have now installed Your SOFTWARE.  The next step is to register Your SOFTWARE.


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