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Your SOFTWARE can be installed to operate on a normal IBM PC or compatible computer meeting the minimum System Requirements.

The initial installation is a two step process. First the software is installed on the PC, and then the user starts the software and registers with the data provider in order to commence downloading market data.

From time to time, Your SOFTWARE will be updated. New versions will be delivered to registered users over the Internet.

Software License Details

Your SOFTWARE is marketed with a dual installation/single user license.

This means that you can install the software on two separate machines, for example a desktop PC at work and a laptop computer or PC at home.

At time of installation, HUBB will note the details of each machine on which the software is installed. The HUBB organization will use these details to confirm each user's registration details each time Your SOFTWARE connects with the HUBB data server. The maximum number of machines that a single user can install the software on is two (2).

The dual installation capability is provided for the convenience of users who use more than one machine. However, the data service will only supply one PC with data at a time.


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